Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset unboxed

Samsung Odyssey is widely considered to be the most premium Windows Mixed Reality headset, with better build quality, higher resolution OLED 1440 x 1600 screens with 110 degree FoV, physical IPD adjustment, and built-in AKG headphones and dual-array mikes but still lets you plug in your own headphones.

The headset is apparently also one of the most comfortable to wear.

If you are thinking of picking one up, YouTube channel Matrix Inception has now unboxed the headset to give you a taste of what to expect.

YouTube player

The main disadvantage appears that you can’t flip up the visor, and that all that build quality adds to the weight.

If the advantages however seem worth it the headset is now available to order from the store and also to pick up from the physical Windows Stores.

See it online at Microsoft here.