The wind has gone out of phone-based VR, with Google’s DayDream and Samsung’s GearVR both stepping off stage left.

It appears that is just in time for new phone-based Augmented Reality headsets to take centre stage.

We already know Apple is working on an AR headset, and now a new design patent from Samsung has been revealed which clearly shows an upcoming AR headset from the company.

The patent features a prominent cord which presumably leads to a USB-C cable which plugs into your phone.

The detailed render, also in the patent application, clearly shows two front-facing cameras, presumably for SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping)  and two semi-transparent lenses which will project the image to your eyes.

It also shows some vents in the top of the headset, presumably where the electronics go.

Another image shows that the arms fold over, suggesting the package will ultimately be relatively pocketable, if not stylish.

With the device currently relatively fully formed, the glasses may reach the market before Apple’s own version, which is rumoured to hit the market by the end of next year.

Via Slashgear