Samsung makes “Smoked By Galaxy Note” videos, but where’s the smoking?

The #smokedbywindowsphone campaign by Windows Phone evangelist Ben Rudolp is a smashing success, as it convincingly showcases the unique strengths of the Windows Phone platform – its speed of operation for everyday tasks such as sharing photos, looking up nearby places, and so on. Actually, the idea behind “Smoked By Windows Phone” is not all that different from the “Really” ads that accompanied the initial debut of Windows Phone 7, both of which focus on simplicity and speed, but it’s easy to see how the former is way better executed.

However, Samsung hasn’t quite gotten the memo.

Its latest promotional videos for the Galaxy Note aren’t called “Smoked By Galaxy Note”, mind you, but the concept is similar enough that it’s obvious where they drew their inspiration from: one person has a Galaxy Note, the other one an iPhone, and the two are instructed to complete certain tasks. Sounds familar?

Only that the “Street Challenge” videos completely fail, and even though this is obviously a Microsoft-focused site, I’m not alone in that observation: dislikes for the first video are standing at over 60%. So, why is that?

While Samsung’s ads do showcase the strengths of the Galaxy Note – you have to admit that the pen is a nice feature – they aren’t doing so in a very good fashion. After sitting through an awkward 4 minutes and 37 seconds, here is a breakdown of the tasks that are supposed to show how the Galaxy Note is superior:

  • Create a creative birthday card: Potentially useful but extremely gimicky, nowhere near an everyday task.
  • Draw direction on maps: This seems neat at first, but searching for a route between two points gets you pretty much the same.
  • PowerPoint editing: It’s not like you need a pen or Android to do that. Both iOS and, obviously, Windows Phone have excellent (and, I’d say, better) office apps by Apple and Microsoft, respectively.
  • Make photo as embarassing as possible: What… ?!

Needless to say, this is not nearly as well done as “Smoked By Windows Phone”, and if Samsung’s dedicated marketing team couldn’t come up with better use cases for the pen, how could an average user?

Anyway, unless you really have nothing else to do, there’s not much reason to watch those videos – I for one wouldn’t have. If not for you, dear reader.

Source: YouTube (1), (2), via Neowin