Samsung Makes Galaxy S22 Series and Galaxy Tab S8 Series Available in Markets Globally

After receiving “record-breaking preorders” for the Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy Tab S8 series, Samsung Electronics announced that these devices would be available in markets globally. According to the announcement, the two lineups “saw more preorders within the first week than any other Samsung smartphone and tablet to date.” Compared to other Samsung tablets and smartphones, the Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy Tab S8 series received an impressive number of preorders during its first week. Not only that, the Galaxy S22 series’ preorders doubled than the preorders for the Galaxy S22 series. As for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it was able to drive over 60% of sales thus far.

On the other hand, preorders for the Galaxy Tab S8 series also doubled compared to the Galaxy Tab S7 series, with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra driving about 50% of the sales. Samsung Electronics’ Executive Vice President and Head of Sales & Marketing Office Bryan Choi was “thrilled” about the good news, saying:

Starting February 25, 2022, both the Galaxy S22 series and the Galaxy Tab S8 series will be available in select markets. These include Korea, Europe, and North America. Of course, Samsung plans on expanding model availability and markets sometime in March, so more areas can expect to get their hands on these devices soon.

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