Samsung losses Galaxy Tab case in Germany, now banned

The Android Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is banned in Germany

Samsung’s Android tablet ambitions took an other knock in Germany today when the court there banned the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Presiding judge Johanna Brueckner-Hoffmann said there was a "clear impression of similarity" between the Apple and the Samsung products, citing the "minimalist, modern form" of the two firms’ products, with flat screens and rounded edges.

Samsung, who is appealing, said "We are disappointed with this ruling and believe it severely limits consumer choice in Germany."

While the ban only extends to Germany Samsung has problems elsewhere in Europe also.

In the Netherlands, a court in the Hague banned three Samsung telephone models on August 24 following an Apple suit. Samsung launched a counter-claim, due to be heard by the same court on September 26.

Apple is currently asking the ITC to block imports to the United States of some of Samsung’s smartphones and tablet computers.

Industry analysts say that in the fast-moving world of tablet computers, which have a very short shelf-life before being replaced by improved products, even a temporary ban on sales can be fatal.

Moves like these may help push Samsung to greater support of Windows 8 tablets, with Microsoft products generally exempt from litigation by Apple due to cross-licensing deals.

Samsung is already rumoured to be the OEM for a Windows 8 tablet that may be handed out to BUILD attendees next week, with this expanding to a whole line, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"Samsung at least has to have a double bet rather than relying 100% on Android," said Chang Sea-jin, a business professor at National University of Singapore and author of a book on Samsung. "That will give them a bargaining position with Google and expose them to a broader group of customers."

Via the AFP.