Stylish Samsung Galaxy Chromebook2 leaks


21, 2020

Author Surur // in Samsung

Samsung is working on a successor to their gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Chromebook and today Evan Blass posted the first marketing render of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook2

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook2 at first glance looks identical to the Galaxy Chromebook, but the ports have in fact been re-arranged, the bright red colour now appears on both the sides and the deck of the laptop.

See the older device below:

chrome os

From the picture, we can deduce the device is USB-C powered, supports microSD cards and have a headphone jack.

The device also has a top-counted camera and a regular 16:9 screen (likely 4K) with a large chin.

We assume, like the Galaxy Chromebook, the Chromebook2 also supports pen input.

Hopefully, the device will avoid the overheating issues and poor battery life of the last device. The laptop will likely be shown off a CES 2021.

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