Samsung insider claims that ditching the Full-Display project might be Samsung’s biggest mistake


17, 2019

Back in May, Huawei received a massive blow when the US government cut the company’s access to both hardware and software. However, after a lot of struggle, Donald Trump finally suspended the sanctions but refused to remove the company from the Entity List.

While all that was going on, Samsung emerged as a clear winner as Huawei’s ban meant that the company can go unchallenged in terms of innovation and the use of new technology. In the excitement, Samsung decided to kill a bunch of projects including an all-screen phone. Now, Samsung Insider, Ice Universe has called Samsung on their mistake as Huawei prepares to restore its operations around the world. In a tweet, Ice Universe mentioned the use of full-screen phones like the ones from Oppo and Vivo. Ice Universe also mentioned the existence of Vivo NEX 2 which will be the successor to the Vivo NEX.

With that in mind, Samsung has been caught off guard as they can’t compete with the new design that cleverly hides the front camera and is certainly more popular than Samsung’s solution. Not only that, the render shared by Ice Universe shows a beautiful all-screen device with curved edges which is supposedly the new Vivo NEX 2. With designs like this, the Chinese companies are definitely winning the smartphone race with better more innovative design when compared to Samsung.

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