Samsung GT-i8350, other handsets showing up on stats site

imageIf we need any more convincing that the launch of Mango handsets are imminent, Elbert Perez’s stats site at will provide just that nudge, with a slew of up and coming handsets showing up, including the Acer W4, HTC Omega, Samsung SGH-i937, Nokia 800 and now also the Samsung GT-i8350.

The Samsung GT-i8350 is expected to be Samsung Omnia 7 successor for Europe, and has been seen passing through Bluetooth certification already, and also showing up on Samsung’s support pages.

There have been rumoured that the device will also be the Samsung Omnia W, with a small 3.7 inch screen and 5 megapixel camera, but Samsung have called there “inaccurate”.

With the Fujitsu IS12T expected to hit retail this week I am sure it will just be a matter of weeks before these devices hit the shelves also.