Specs and details of Samsung’s next flagship have leaked via a Samsung survey in Korea (courtesy of Tron).

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series is code-named “Basquait” and will have specs more similar to a laptop than a tablet.

The entry-level version, Basquait 1, will have an 11-inch TFT 120Hz display, 8,000mAh battery and 45W charging and will be powered by the “fastest next-gen” processor backed by 8GB RAM and 128/256GB storage. It will feature a dual-lens camera module and be 0.63 cm thin.

Basquait 2 will feature a 12.4-inch OLED 120Hz display with a 10,090mAh battery and 45W charging. It will also have the “fastest next-gen” processor, 8GB RAM and 128/256GB storage, weigh 575g, measure 0.57cm thick and feature an in-display fingerprint sensor.

The tentpole device will be the Basquait 3. It will likely be marketed as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and will feature a massive 14.6-inch OLED 120Hz display, 8/12GB RAM and 128/512GB storage, 12,000mAh battery with 45W charging, weigh 650g and be only 0.55cm thin.

All models will be bundled with Samsung’s S-Pen, feature quad speakers, an 8-megapixel front and a 13/5MP dual rear camera with flash, while the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will have a dual 8MP and 5MP ultra-wide front-facing camera.

Samsung will also offer a new premium keyboard with support for different modes (laptop, tablet drawing, and viewing).

Samsung will offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 range in Wi-Fi, LTE and 5G versions models with prices ranging from $740, $1,120 to $1,320 for the top of the range.

via SamMobile