Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ in Sunrise Gold will be available in the US starting June 24

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Samsung today announced that the Galaxy S9 and S9+ in Sunrise Gold will be available in the U.S. starting June 24. It will be exclusively available for order from Best Buy stores, and The Sunrise Gold edition for Galaxy S9 and S9+ is Samsung’s first device to feature a satin gloss finish. The new Sunrise Gold color creates a feeling of both vibrancy and calm.

This sophisticated finish was developed to appeal to all users by bringing a stylistic touch of high fashion and urban interior design to a user’s mobile device.

What’s the meaning behind the name Sunrise Gold?

The concept of Galaxy S9 and S9+ revolves around capturing everyday moments in special ways. Samsung has so far introduced four color editions for the devices. Each of the colors represent a different time of the day: Midnight Black is inspired by the night; Titanium Gray symbolizes the liminal time between night and day; Coral Blue mimics the dawn; and Lilac Purple reflects the sunset. We wanted to apply the same theme to the new color edition.

The impressive reddish hue of the latest gold edition resembles the light of a rising sun. That’s why we chose the name Sunrise Gold to represent the magical moment when light radiates across the sky when daylight breaks.

To achieve this color and finish, Samsung added an extra layer of glass coating on the back of the phone, and made the surface rugged afterward, to change the way it reflects light. The reduced glossiness of the finish also reduces fingerprint marks on the phone. Samsung also mentioned that it has patented the Satin Gloss Finish, as it’s a first in the smartphone market.

The Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9 will be available for $719.99 (64GB), $769.99 (128GB) and $839.99 (256GB) and the Galaxy S9+ will be available for $839.99 (64GB), $889.99(128GB) and $959.99 (256GB).

Source: Samsung