Samsung Galaxy S21 with model number SM-G9910 was spotted on the Chinese 3C certification website, hinting that Samsung is giving final touches to its upcoming flagship phones and that it will soon hit the market.

There is one more important thing that we got to know from the 3C document and that is about the information related to the fast charging technology. According to the document, the Galaxy S21 will have support for 25W fast charging support. If you recall, both the Note20 and S20 feature 25W fast charging technology, while the ‘Ultra’ model has support for 45W charging. Unfortunately, though, the document doesn’t reveal any information on the battery capacity.

Samsung Galaxy S21 is rumored to have a quad-camera setup at the rear, just like its predecessor. However, the S21 will have two telephoto cameras as opposed to the S20, which has one telephoto. To be more specific, the S20 will have a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle, 180 MP wide-angle, 10 MP 3x optical zoom telephoto, and more than 5x optical zoom periscope-type telephoto. The S20 successor will reportedly have a 40MP selfie camera.

The most expensive model in the Galaxy S21 series that’s the S21 Ultra is expected to cost $1,400.

via Myfixguide