Samsung Galaxy S20 FE touchscreen issues reported by many users

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Last month, Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S20 FE smartphone. With Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung’s aim is to bring flagship experiences to a wider set of audiences with an affordable price tag. The Galaxy S20 FE is available for just $699 in the US. Samsung started shipping this device from last month.

Over the past few days, early buyers of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE have started reporting touch screen issues. Many users reported that their touch screen is behaving abnormally. The phone is often either not responding to the taps or it interprets a swipe as a tap or a tap as a swipe. Samsung has not yet acknowledged these issues. It’s unclear right now if this is a software issue or a hardware issue. Hopefully, Samsung will soon come up with a solution to resolve the issues around Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

Source: Reddit