After experiencing an unsatisfactory quarter, Samsung aims to achieve higher sale volumes with their Galaxy Note 10.  Sale trends show that sales have diminished for their more expensive models, like the Galaxy Note range; but have increased for their cheaper models, like the A90.

Now, there’s been speculation that the Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ will be slightly cheaper than originally expected.

Pricing for the 256GB Galaxy Note 10 was previously said to be €1,149, but it’s been reported to now be €949 in Germany- €50 cheaper.  Likewise, the 256GB Note 10+ has been reduced from €1,199 to €1,149.

There hasn’t been any word of the 512GB Note 10 and 1TB Note 10+ becoming cheaper, but Samsung’s trade-in deals and independent carrier deals should help to make them more affordable.

It is, of course, notable this year that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will only have a 1080P screen, no headphone jack and a smaller battery, suggesting the value for money equation has shifted somewhat, but hopefully the move will expand the Note10 audience a bit also.

Online sales are expected to start after the Galaxy Unpacked event next week; but be aware that pricing will differ between European countries, so you might not catch as good a deal as German buyers.

Source: bgr