Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may not be as powerful as you expected



Samsung has plenty of new products in the pipeline, and the Galaxy Note 10 is one of those products that require only a few days of development and it’ll be ready for prime time. Long story short, Samsung is almost done with the development of the Note 10 and now it needs to get a few things right to make sure that the smartphone gets a successful launch.

While smartphone enthusiasts like you are excited to see what the Note 10 has in store, the latest Geekbench score of the smartphone suggests that the smartphone may not stand up to your expectation. The Galaxy Note 10 managed to get 4495 for single core and 10223 for multicore, and if you compare these numbers with those of recently-released Exynos 9820-based Galaxy S10 Plus, you’ll find out that the S10 is slightly more capable than the upcoming Note 10, at least on paper. The S10 Plus was able to get 4515 for single core and 10413 for multicore.

The comparison not only questions the capability of Note 10 but also raises serious concerns over Exynos 9825, Samsung’s ARM-based processor on which the Note 10 will depend on for processing power.

However, Geekbench scores prior to the release of a smartphone should never be taken seriously. The chances of the screenshot being a fake are always there. Also, Note 10 will go through a lot of change before the release and finally when Samsung officially bring the smartphone to the market, you might get a lot better result. We’ll have to wait until August 7 to find out whether it manages to beat the score of S10 Plus.

Source: IceUniverse

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