Despite AT&T choosing their own release date for the Galaxy Fold, still no official date has been confirmed by Samsung.  It seems like it may take longer than the predicted June 13th to fix the screen-related major design flaws.

The original release date for the Fold was set for April 26th.  After a string of disastrous reviews, including complaints of the screen breaking and small objects getting wedged underneath; Samsung had no choice but to postpone the release date.

The Korean tech giant afterwards set a time-frame of 2 weeks for new shipping information to be announced, which unfortunately wasn’t met.  Instead, an e-mail apology was sent on Monday to all customers who pre-ordered the device.

The e-mail mentions how Samsung are “making progress” to “enhance” the product to meet their “high standards”.  The lack of definitive release date suggests that re-designing the foldable device may not be possible in such a short period of time, after all.

Pre-orders will be automatically cancelled on May 31st unless you agree that you would like to “keep your order”.  Customers will also not be charged until there’s a definitive release date.  There is also the option to cancel your purchase if you’re dubious of the release all together, which may be wise considering $2000 is at stake.

Check out the e-mail below:

Source: cnet