Samsung is currently the market leader in the foldable smartphone niche, but as more phone makers join the foldable bandwagon, the South Korean tech giant will face some serious competition from its rivals. And while it’s hard to tell whether or not Samsung will be able to maintain its lead, the company has some futuristic display designs up its sleeve to surprise everyone.

Samsung Display, the company that supplies displays for Samsung’s smartphones, has posted some renderings that show how the future of the smartphone display will look like(via SamMobile). One of its renderings shows off a tri-fold display with a hinge design. As you may have guessed, the purpose of the design is to give users multiple ways to use the device — it can be used as a smartphone as well as a tablet, thanks to the hinge. The South Korean phone maker has already filed patents that showcase a tri-fold design display and now the fact that we’re also seeing the same design in one of its renderings is testament to the fact that Samsung is quite serious about this.

The other rending is something that we’re also familiar with. Besides the tri-fold display, the company has also posted a rendering of a rollable display, but Samsung’s is unlike anything that we’ve seen before. The render showcases a cylindrical stick from where the display panel can be rolled out. It’s been working on rollable displays for quite some time, so it won’t be surprising to see the company releasing a smartphone with rollable display technology.

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