Samsung Focus S reviewed by Engadget

Engadget have posted their review of the Samsung Focus S, and after a surprisingly positive review, they still however came away unwowed.

They found performance good, battery life great and camera performance especially good, saying:

Sammy’s shooter is just a bit above average. Colors are crisp and just saturated enough, while offering plenty of detail with very little noise. Shots indoors with plenty of natural light streaming through the windows were equally good — we wouldn’t blow them up to poster size, but they’re more than acceptable as casual snapshots. The camera even took surprisingly good macro pics, though not quite as good as the Droid RAZR.

It seems their main issue is the build quality, which also goes towards making the Samsung Focus S one of the thinnest and lightest smartphones around.

They concluded in the end:

Honestly, we don’t have any major complaints about the Samsung Focus S, but there wasn’t much that wowed us either. If you’re a Windows Phone 7 fan you’ll find plenty to like about the device. Mango hums along nicely and the Super AMOLED Plus display, despite its shortcomings in the pixel density department, perfectly highlights the stark beauty of Microsoft’s mobile OS. There’s also a very good camera with a dedicated dual-stage button and the battery life borders on epic. But, none of that changes the fact that we came away feeling underwhelmed. The build quality is mediocre at best and there just isn’t anything distinguishing about the handset that would make us definitively say this is the Windows Phone to get. More than anything, though, our disappointment probably stems from the cost. At $200 on a two-year contract we expect a high-end experience that matches the high-end price and the Focus S simply doesn’t deliver that. Making it even tougher to recommend, is the fact that the Titan will be landing on AT&T any day now delivering a better build, faster performance and a larger screen for the same wad of cash. The Focus S isn’t a bad phone — far from it — but it just doesn’t feel worthy of its flagship-like price tag.

Read their full review here.