Samsung Focus NoDo Update Detailed

As you already know, AT&T officially began rolling out their version of the NoDo update to the Samsung Focus and possibly the LG Quantum today.  HTC Surround users, you are in for a bit of a wait, as your update isn’t planned until May.  The update is of course called the “Windows Phone Update, March 2011.”

If you jumped the gun and updated before the official AT&T release via the Hungarian VPN method, you must rebrand your phone to receive this update.  (Chevron updaters seem to update without any necessary changes.) Simply use the registry editor to revert the setting back to ATT-US from 000-88.  Once you’ve done that, your Zune software should notify you of an updated titled “Samsung Update for Windows Phone.”  This appears to be an update geared for those of us who already had a non-AT&T version of NoDo.  Thoughtful!

Information on what has changed after the break.

The update for AT&T customers was delayed longer than most other carriers because AT&T was adding additional features to the mix.  The two features they added was support for the AT&T Address Book, as well as WISPr support allowing devices to automatically switch to AT&T hotspots when available.

You can see the AT&T Address Book feature by going to Settings | Email & Accounts | Add An Account.  I have yet to try it, as I have no need for it.  I’m  guessing most of you won’t have a need for this, either.

The WISPr protocol support will most likely happen automatically as you become within range of an AT&T Hotspot.  There doesn’t appear to be any menu features for it at this time.

The NoDo update for the Samsung Focus also included a firmware update.  Below is the current info for my phone, by using “About” menu, as well as the diagnostic menu.

At the time of this post, no official changelog has been provided for the Samsung firmware portion of the NoDo update.

One noted change is that the camera setting for “Anti-Shaking” now automatically defaults to “On”.  This will relieve a lot of frustration, as Anti-Shaking has always improved the sharpness of the pictures taken on the Focus.

For those of you who have already been rocking NoDo for weeks, have you found any other improvements with the phone since getting this firmware update?  Let us know in the comments below!