Samsung Focus 1.4 owners finally getting the Mango update


18, 2011

It has been a long wait, but Samsung Focus owners with the 1.4 version of the hardware are finally getting the Mango update, according to a blog post on the Windows Team Blog,

The Mango update for Samsung Omnia 7 owners on the Telefonica network in Spain are also going in to scheduling, meaning delivery should be in about 10 days.

Microsoft also confirmed the 7740 update is being pushed out to Vodafone, Orange and Deutsche Telekom subscribers to address the issue of new voice mail notifications not appearing under certain conditions and also a fix for an email issue associated with Exchange Server 2003.

Eric from Microsoft also mentioned firmware updates being pushed out by OEMs to “improve the overall function of your particular make and model of Windows Phone.“

The more interesting message from the blog post however is unspoken – more updates to address more issues for more devices, which was the promise we signed up for when we decided to buy a Windows Phone, and which Microsoft now seems to be delivering in spades.

Read the post at Microsoft here.

Thanks drankurn for the tip.

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