Samsung Clock app gets Bedtime mode to help you sleep better

by Rahul
February 5, 2021

Samsung recently pushed an update to its note-taking app called Samsung Notes, adding a number of useful new features. And now, it’s time for the Samsung Clock app to get some love. Samsung has added a couple of useful new features to its stock clock app(via SamMobile), making the app even more useful.

One of the most useful features that you’ll find in the latest update is the Digital Wellbeing’s Bedtime mode in the Alarm tab of the Clock app. The “Set Bedtime mode” option can be found in the overflow menu on the Clock app’s alarm screen, and tapping on the option will take you to a new page where you’ll be asked to give information about when you usually go to sleep and when you plan to wake up. The app will now remind you every day to go to bed as per your scheduled bedtime, and of course, this will require you to turn on the Bedtime mode. Also, since the app is well integrated with the Digital Wellbeing app, it’ll mute all incoming notifications and turn the phone’s screen to grayscale when you’re about to go to bed.


SmartThings integration is another useful feature that Samsung has added to its stock clock app. What this means is that you’ll be able to able to integrate your alarm with supported smart devices such as Samsung smart TV, thus helping you wake up to your favorite music in the morning. If you use Samsung’s S Health app, you’ll now see a “Sleep details” button under the alarm, and clicking on the button will let you check your detailed sleep statistics.

However, the new “Set Bedtime mode” feature is currently available for those running OneUI 3.1 update on their Galaxy smartphones. In other words, those running OneUI 3.0 or older cannot use the feature in the Clock app. Nevertheless, we’re hopeful that Samsung will make it available for more users in the coming days.

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