Samsung Cetus to be a Windows Phone 7 Samsung Galaxy S



Will the Samsung Cetus look a lot like the samsung Galaxy S?

Samsung Cetus vs Samsung Galaxy S

Yesterday’s FCC filing for the Samsung Cetus SGH i917 did not reveal much, but by giving the size of the label in mm, with the outline of the device, they provided a handy scale from which we can deduce the actual size of the device.

It turns out the Samsung Cetus is a close match in size for the 4 inch-screened Samsung Galaxy S, which clocks in at 64.2 x 122.4 x 9.9mm thick. For comparison the iPhone 4 is 58.6mm x 115.2mm x 9.3mm, but of course with a tiny 3.5 inch screen.

The outline is also pretty close to the Samsung Galaxy S, but with more rounded corners, and the styling, like all Samsung’s slates, are likely to be pretty similar.

Yesterday we had some readers complain about the bevel size of the leaked Asus device.  If the Cetus does look a lot like the Galaxy S, has Samsung done enough to satisfy you design-wise? Let us know below.

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