Samsung Announces New Magazine UX For Android Devices, Looks A Lot Like Windows 8 Start Screen Experience



At CES, Samsung announced four new Android tablets. The significant difference other than specs between these announced devices and the older models is the new UX Samsung has built on top of Android. This is the new version of TouchWiz that will become the default way Samsung tablet users will experience the device when they buy them. So, What’s new in the UX? It basically a tweaked version of Windows 8 Start experience. Yes, you got large Live Tiles for different apps which you can arrange on your home screen similar to what Windows 8.1 provides to users now.


Here is the description of this new UX from Samsung,

A personalized Magazine UX, specifically optimized for a large screen, allows users to further tailor their Galaxy tablet experience for their own needs. The UX enables them to organize their favorite content in an easy-to-use dashboard with automatic feed or news updates and then quickly access the most frequently used apps for a more comfortable reading experience. By utilizing a screen size that is more comparable to traditional magazine-sized material, content is easier to view in its original format when reading digital magazines or e-books.

samsung-magazine-ux 1

When asked about similarities between Windows 8.1 and the Magazine UX, Samsung’s senior director of product planning dismissed the claims. He went on to say that it doesn’t matter and as long as consumers like it, they can compare it to Windows or something else.

His point is correct, consumers won’t care about from where you copied or took inspiration for the experiences, but companies like Apple and Microsoft do care.

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