Samsung Announces New Curved Monitor Display For Immersive Entertainment And Gaming Experience

samsung curved monitor order

Samsung today announced the SD590C curved monitor designed for immersive viewing experience. It features a super narrow bezel that allows for seamless multi-screen extension and stereo speakers built directly into the monitor’s curve complete the package with high-quality surround sound. The SD590C’s curved LED screen provides users with a unique perspective ideal for viewing content ranging from multimedia to games. Through its carefully selected curvature of 4000R, the monitor has a wider field of view than flat 27-inch panels, drawing viewers in like no other LED, while also making the display seem bigger than 27-inches.

The SD590C pairs its deeply immersive viewing experience with equally impressive surround sound, provided by 5-Watt, 2-channel dual stereo speakers built right into the curve. The speakers deliver rich, high-quality stereo sound that envelops users, enabling them to experience theater-level acoustics when enjoying movies and music in the comfort of their own hone.

Gaming on the SD590C is also a uniquely enveloping experience. With just one click, the monitor switches into Game Mode, instantly adjusting settings for optimized play. It intelligently detects changes in scenes, enhances the color, and alters the screen’s contrast to make the darks darker and the lights lighter. With Game Mode, users can see all the action at all times, even in the darkest scenes. The curved screen makes the action more lifelike than ever, plunging users into a gaming experience so exhilarating it will keep them at the edge of their seat.

Game Boost also enriches sound to further boost gaming in two ways: first, the monitor’s equalizers are adjusted to make sound effects sound true to life. Second, the most important game noises (for example, car noises in a driving game, explosions in an action game, or character sounds in a role playing game) will stand out over the background music. When paired with the display enhancements above, the result is an unmatched gaming experience.

The SD590C will be available in the U.S. beginning October 1, 2014 for an MSRP of $429.99.

Read the full press release here.