Samsung accidentally leaks more A-Series phones


7, 2019

Samsung’s M series phones lead the midrange in India

Samsung has accidentally leaked three of its own upcoming phones, the Samsung Galaxy A20e, AGalaxy A40 and Galaxy A90 — spotted by Galaxy Club this morning. Well, by leaked we say alerted us to their existence by way of three landing pages thta don’t actually reveal much about the product save their names. That said, if you’ve been followjgnSamsng’s A series over the past few years, the names tell plenty.

The Galaxy A90 will likely be the successor of the Galaxy A9 series, one of Samsung’s highest mid-range phones. The firm’s last effort in this space came with a quad camera, and though that camera was criticised in revioews, the firm will likely attempt to produce a better effort this time around.

The A20e and A40 appear to be cheap devices (in the conventional sense, not relatively cheap devices), and while we have no more information on them — at least we know they are coming.

Interestingly enough, the A20e has the ‘e’ moniker associated with the S10e. Might Samsung be launching a discrete A20 version as well? Only time can tell on that front.

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