Samsumg Omnia 7 Super AMOLED compared to TFT on the LG Optimus 7



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The Super AMOLED screen on the Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus are part of what makes these devices very attractive, and the video above by MobileTechWorld certainly bears out the amazing black levels and good colour saturation inherent in these devices.

The video also shows interestingly however that TFT LCD still has it advantages, with the AMOLED screen showing very significant colour banding which may indicate that the screen is not fully 24bit.

In fact Aiden from the CisforCoder blog claims the screen is only 16 bit, and warns developers not to use images with gradients in them, as an image which would look fine on the LG Optimus 7 may look terrible on devices with AMOLED screens. He notes the problem also exists on AMOLED Android devices.

Read more, including advice on detecting colour gradient issues in the emulator, at CisforCoder here.

Thanks tezawaly for the tip.

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