Salesforce expands their .NET toolkit for Windows Phone


25, 2014


While Saleforce’s CEO Marc Benioff has been a pretty outspoken critic of Windows 8, calling it “the end of the Microsoft OS”, it is still good to see the company is not just supporting, but expanding their support of Windows and Windows Phone.

The company has just posted an updated version  of their .NET developer toolkits, which now includes sample apps, supports deployment and versioning in Visual Studio and offers a set of native libraries for the .NET framework.

Previous the company had just exposed their APIs, with Wade Wegner, Salesforce evangelist saying in a blogpost,

Until recently, all that was available to developers using the Microsoft .NET Framework – and consequently building applications for Windows, Windows Phone and even Silverlight – were the APIs themselves. We love .NET developers (I’m one myself), and there is a large constituent of .NET developers within the Salesforce community.

The new toolkit are for those developers targeting’s REST API + Chatter API and are also compatible with Windows x86, Azure and Windows Server.

The support will make it easier for enterprise-based developers to create vertical applications which interface with Saleforce CRM software, making Windows Phone that much easier to integrate in an enterprise environment.

The source code as well as download links can be found at GitHub. More features and improvements, including a Visual Studio extension and support for Streaming API, SOAP API and Tooling API will be added in future.


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