Sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to be similar to that of Note 9, says Counterpoint


6, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is all set to be unveiled tomorrow, with shipping starting from later this month. And now that the Korean manufacturer had reported a decline in Q2 profits, something which we predicted before the official figure came to light, it’d want their soon-to-be-launched smartphone, Galaxy Note 10 to do well. Note 10 surpassing the number of sales of all the previous smartphones is what Samsung wants to happen.

However, Counterpoint, a global research firm, holds the view that the Galaxy Note 10 sales will be flat and that the sales will be a lot similar to that of the Galaxy Note 9, a predecessor of Note 10.

Counterpoint predicts that the sales of the Galaxy Note 10 will reach 9.7 million units this year, similar to that of the 9.6 million units posted by Note 9( via: Yna).

The last Galaxy Note smartphone that posted a strong sale was Note 8, and that, according to an official from Counterpoint, was due to the battery issues found on the Note 7, which forced Samsung to put a full stop to the sales of the Note 8 predecessor.

Industry watchers also pointed out that many users will wait until the launch of Samsung’s first-ever folding smartphone, the Galaxy Fold before they purchase the Note 10, thereby indirectly affecting the sales of Galaxy Note 10.

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