Sale on Live Interior 3D Pro


1, 2014




Live Interior 3D Pro is a program for Windows 8 devices which will let you design and plan houses and apartments. In a quick look the app really sported many features. From office to luxury apartment, everything can be designed and planned. For the normal user like me, the features are very professional and require some getting used to, but that should not be understood as a bad thing. Since Windows is a platform well known for getting things done, an aspect Windows 8 on tablets continues to prove, apps like this are really important to have in the Windows store. With Live Interior 3D Pro the windows store has gotten a really good productivity app. I cannot evaluate whether professionals will be happy with this app, but the normal or semi-pro user surely will. Another good thing is the support for non-touch devices like the classic mouse and keyboard PC. The app is very well usable on these devices (with one exemption: “walking” around in the newly built 3D room) and is easy to use.

Everyone who likes designing rooms, houses or apartments or has to do so should take a look at this app.

At $19.99 the app is somewhat pricey, at least for a Windows Store application. But I would say it is worth it. However, from September 1st to September 7th Live Interior 3D Pro will be available for $9.99 instead of $19.99, so maybe you should check out the app now, which has a free 7 day trial. If you like it, $9.99 is in my opinion a pretty good deal. You can find the app here.

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