S2P Music Player update to V82 Beta(March 5th)

S2P is one of the many application that comes out of A_C’s shop, well it seems earlier this week the popular music player received an update. The update was only to his S2P application, and it brought some minor changes.

In the list of updates, portrait and landscape Album view was disabled, along with some added enhancements. The application has not been updated since December, so this new update might be well worth it.

v0.82 beta
– temporarily disabled the “Album View” (both Portrait & Landscape).
(in case you want to know more, read here)
– added command line parameter option to playback a music or a playlist, the parameter must in FULL PATH.
e.g. “\Program Files\S2P\s2p.exe” \Storage Card\Music\Album\music.mp3
e.g. “\Program Files\S2P\s2p.exe” \Storage Card\Playlists\playlist.asx
– added index bar on the artist & album lists for easy navigation.
– added quick way to go to the top of a list: tap the top system status bar.
– added option to set the volume control to control the system volume directly. (Settings > General)
– fine tuned the scrolling behaviour of all lists.
– fine tuned the option “Power Tweak”; if your device stops playback when power off, try to turn this option on.
– fixed ASX playlist could not be identified because of UNICODE.
– some minor bugs fixed.

v0.80 beta
temporarily disabled the “Album View” (both Portrait & Landscape).
song order in the playlist can be changed.
added “Settings” menu.
added support to wired remote control on most HTC devices (no more calibration is required, read the FAQ for details).
added support to AVRCP on HTC Touch Pro2/HD2.
added option “Override WMP for remote control” in case your device remote control is hard-coded to WMP.
added fast forward/backward when press & hold the forward/backward buttons; the pace can be tuned in the settings; S2U2 v2.30 or later also support this function.
adjusted the “Full Screen Album” option to make use of the whole screen of WQVGA/WVGA devices.
faster Shuffle playback.
added option to pause the playback when headset is disconnected.
added international languages support (for non-English devices, d/l the S2P-LanguagePack.zip; extract your language’s ini file; rename it to lang.ini; copy to the S2P installed folder; restart S2P).
added option to show battery status in digits.
a lot minor bugs fixed.

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