Revealed in the [email protected] games showcase, Rust Console edition now has a release date for May 21st.

The announcement came alongside a new trailer, showing off some typical Rust gameplay of getting killed in the first ten seconds. 

First released on PC in 2013 as an early access title, the gameplay the trailer shows off isn’t all that new, except for it being on console. With how tremendously popular the title has become, however, it’s undoubtedly exciting. 

The release date and trailer also coincide with preorders going live with three tiers, which are as follows. 

Rust Standard Edition and Rust Day One Physical Edition ($49.99 USD) includes the base game, with a preorder bonus that includes a Future Weapons and Tools Pack. Survivalists looking to nab a physical edition of Rust can also grab this bonus with a Day One Edition preorder from GameStop and Amazon in North America.

Rust Deluxe Edition ($59.99) welcomes survivalists with an aptly named Welcome Pack ($14.99 value) that includes the base game, three days of early access, closed beta access, staging branch access and includes the Future Weapons and Tools Pack.

Rust Ultimate Edition ($79.99 USD) provides the most ardent fans with the features of the previous two editions but also includes an ultimate/upgraded version of the Welcome Pack, 1100 Rust Coins (a $10 value), and an Elite Combat Skin Pack so you can look as menacing as possible to newcomers and veterans alike.

Rust Console Edition is just releasing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for now, with no word about any upgraded features for the Series S|X or PlayStation 5 at the moment, though they should be natively backwards compatible.