Russian leaker claims Microsoft is planning to unify Windows Phone and Windows RT

imageAccording to Russian hacker WZOR, who has been a reliable source of leaks regarding Microsoft software in the past, Microsoft intends to merge Windows Phone and Windows RT.

In a write-up by he says:

With Windows Phone and Windows RT, he claims that Microsoft is planning to merge both operating systems together. He doesn’t give any more information regarding the matter, but it has been rumored several times in the past that this is Microsoft ultimate goal for both Windows Phone and Windows RT.

This is of course not the first time we heard this rumour, and we have seen numerous job postings suggesting strongly that Microsoft plans to unify the respective stores also.

Hopefully when it finally arrives we will not simple see a mishmash of products, but potentially a new class which will allow Windows users to have a phone UI on the go and a desktop UI and experience with a suitable dock.

Would our readers buy such a device? Let us know below.