The Russian FAS (Federal Anti-monopoly Service) has found Apple guilty of abusing its monopoly on iOS, after adjudicating a complaint made by anti-virus company Kaspersky.

Kaspersky complained that when Apple introduced Screen Time controls into iOS 12 they removed APIs used by 3rd party companies and reserved others for themselves, leaving them unable to compete, and also that Apple reserved the right to deny apps access to the app store, even when they comply with Apple’s rules.

FAS says after conducting a thorough investigation of the documentation and technological features of iOS and applications and evaluating Apple’s actions, the FAS Russia Commission came to the conclusion that the company had abused its dominant position in the market for distributing mobile applications on the iOS operating system.

Apple has now been issued a corrective order that requires it to remove from the documentation provisions that give it the right to reject (deny) third-party applications from the App Store for any reason, even if they meet all requirements.

The regulation also requires Apple to ensure that in-house apps do not take precedence over third-party apps, and that developers of parental control apps can distribute apps to the App Store without losing critical functionality.

Apple must comply with the requirements of the order by November 30, 2020, and must also inform the FAS Russia within 5 days from the date of implementation.

Apple is currently the subject of an investigation by the US Congress Anti-trust Subcommittee and the European Competition Commission and has been taken to court by Epic Games accused of abusing its control of the iOS platform.