Russian company says they can replace Microsoft Exchange Server

Due to the geopolitical situation and government mandates the software world is getting increasingly fragmented, offering opportunities for other companies to fill the roles of the usual software giants.

Such is the case with RuPost, which is claimed to be a 1:1 replacement for Microsoft Exchange Sever for the Russian market.

RuPost is developed by the Astra group of companies and claims to full implement Microsoft Exchange Server functionality.

The solution offers mail, calendars, contacts and address book search and also offers migration tools and templates that lets companies easily move from Exchange to RuPost.

“First of all, we focus on solving the problems faced by organizations with a large-scale infrastructure: a corporate communications system that will allow tens of thousands of users to interact in a highly loaded and geographically distributed IT infrastructure,” explained Sergey Orlik , director of products and technologies.

The company offers a full-stack and also replaces Windows with AstraLinuxOS.  It has also created ALD Pro, a replacement for Microsoft Active Directory.

“We are developing and strengthening the Linux ecosystem and creating our own ecosystem of interconnected solutions: a complete stack of software products and services that the customer can receive in a one-stop-shop mode from the vendor,” he says.

ALD Pro is set for release in December 2021, while RuPost will go on sale at the end of  Q1 2022.

The solution is likely to find its first application in government installations, where a local solution is mandated, though Astra notes that companies can still apply for exceptions if a Microsoft solution is absolutely necessary.


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