Rune Legend – price winning puzzle finally on Marketplace




The debut title by an independent Czech team the Dreadlocks finally appeared on the Windows Phone Marketplace. The game called Rune Legend has recently been awarded as the best mobile application in Czech/Slovak competition AppParade. It’s a puzzle game with story that comes in a beautiful package with appealing hand drawn graphics and epic music.

The main story and the theme of the game are based on Norse mythology. The player becomes a follower of the mighty Odin, the ruler of the Norse pantheon. He comes upon series of puzzles that lead him through many mystery worlds and he tries to reach the wisdom concealed in ancient runestones.

It is not only the PEGI3 rating that makes the game suitable for a wide range of players regardless their age or smart phone experience. Rune legend uses simple game play principles that are easy to understand and control but may prove to be very tricky. In more than 70 predesigned levels you are supposed to fit differently shaped runestones into the given game boards. The only solution is the one that covers the whole board with runestones without overlapping or leaving the blank spaces inside.

Players are free to choose from several game modes available in Rune Legend. The main mode is based on the storyline. A multiplayer mode allows you to compete with friends; other modes will prove the swiftness of your fingers or the ability to think ahead. There is also the never ending quick play mode with infinite generated content and finally, some fun, but let’s not spoil the surprise.

qrcodeGame features:

  • simple and catchy game play
  • dozens of predesigned game boards
  • unlimited generated content
  • main theme based on Norse mythology
  • collectible items and scenes
  • optional difficulty, hints
  • detailed handmade graphics
  • epic music

You can download Rune Legend from Windows Phone Marketplace in free trial version with limited content or full version priced 2.49$.

For more information about the game, check the official site of the Dreadlocks team, or mail to

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