Run the latest Opera Mini on Windows Mobile 2003

by Surur
April 26, 2010

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Before the trend for tiny screens started there were some great and also very snappy Windows Mobile 2003 devices.  Not all of them were upgraded to Windows Mobile 5 (and it usually made them slower). 

Windows Mobile 2003 did not have the best browser however, which often meant the Java-based Opera Mini was installed.  Opera has recently released a native version of the same browser, which unfortunately will only install in Windows Mobile 5.0 and up devices.

Fortunately Smartphone Magazine’s Werner Ruotsalainen repackaged the CAB installer so that it works perfectly on devices running Windows Mobile 2003 and 2003SE. has published this video showing it running perfectly on a Dell Axim X50v PDA.

Get full instructions at Smartphonemag here.

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