Rumours of video messaging coming to Windows Phone 7


9, 2011

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Kinect Video chat coming to Windows Phone 7?Neowin has been chatting with the Microsoft reps at CES, who have been dropping a lot of hints recently. 

The latest rumour is that Microsoft is working on a Facetime competitor for Windows Phone 7.

The app would work with many other Live services, suggesting integration with Windows Live Messenger, which already works on Windows and Xbox with Kinect. We have heard rumours to this effect before.

Noting the absence for front-facing cameras in Windows Phone 7, Neowin pressed the rep about whether a front-facing camera will be made a requirement for the next wave of Windows Phone devices, but unfortunately were not able to get an answer.

At present the only WP7 Messenger app is a commissioned 3rd party one, which we hope is an indication that Microsoft is beavering away at their own excellent version for Windows Phone 7 itself, especially when they have already made a version for the iPhone.

Read more at Neowin here.

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