Rumours of Actionable Notifications and more detail on split-screen multi-tasking in Windows Phone 9




We expect some big UI changes in Windows Phone 9, and one missing feature which keeps popping up is actionable notifications.

Now a source has told NokiaPowerUser that this is indeed on the menu, saying:

Windows Phone may very soon allow you to do more with notification in Action Center and it may include responding to messages, apps notifications, reminders from the action center without leaving the work you were doing. It will be workable by swiping down from the lock-screen too.

This feature is of course already on the other major mobile operating systems, so it seems a shoe-in for the next version of Windows Phone.

NPU’s tipster also had some new information about the side-by-side multi-tasking in Windows Phone 9, saying:

Split-screen multitasking:

This is already available in Windows 8.1 and with Windows and Windows Phone getting unified in Windows Threshold it is no surprise that we will see it sooner or later. But seems, it will be available for devices having a certain minimum display size. So, you would be able to run apps side by side on the screen like we see on Windows 8.1 SnapView.

The minimum screen size requirement makes sense, and would finally bring some much needed special features to Windows Phone phablets, which suffer from having very minor differentiation from the run of the mill Windows Phones, unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Note series for example, which also provides split-screen multi-tasking and pen adaptations.

The latest rumours, via Mary Jo Foley, is that we should see our first preview of Windows Phone 9 in either January or February 2015.

Via, mockup via Softpedia.

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