The rumoured PlayStation 5 dev-kit may not just be a rumor as an exclusive report claims its real. 

Sony’s upcoming PS5 console probably won’t look anywhere near as sci-fi as the patents, but website Wired claims the actual dev-kits are eerily similar. 

The rumoured PS5 dev-kit was shown off a few months ago with renders quickly being mocked up based on the sketches. While it initially looked away too outlandish to be a real XDK, this new report claims otherwise.

Alongside a host of new exclusive details, including the reveal of a 4K optical drive, Wired described seeing an enhanced version of Gran Turismo Sport running on the system. Mostly used to describe the console’s new haptic controller, the section also revealed the Dev Kit’s existence.

“Next, [we saw] a version of Gran Turismo Sport that Sony had ported over to a PS5 devkit—a devkit that on quick glance looks a lot like the one,” Wired wrote.

The rumoured device, shown above, is real, it would appear. While the design is certainly futuristic in nature, Wired’s exclusive invitation by Sony means that the inclusion of this fact is true. While Wired states that the current XDK looks a “lot” like the rumoured machine “at a glance”, that is confirmation from a very strong source.

Thankfully, dev kits rarely look like consumer grade hardware. For those worried the PlayStation 5 is going to look garish in your entertainment center, don’t be. By the time it releases, Sony’s machine will probably just be another big black box.