Rumoured 16 Megapixel Windows Phone may come to T-Mobile later this year



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Thisismynext is reporting on a leaked T-Mobile roadmap showing the HTC Bresson coming later this year, “beyond the September 2011” time frame. Pocketnow now reports the HTC Bresson is the rumoured 16 megapixel Windows Phone 7 handset shown above, which at the time appeared rather unrealistic.

We are expecting a new wave of Windows Phone 7 handsets from all the major OEMs in the October to November time frame at the anniversary of the first wave of handsets released last year.

Other previously leaked HTC Windows Phone 7 handsets are the HTC Ignite and HTC Prime, but no further information is available.

htc-ignitehtc16htc prime
HTC IgniteHTC BressonHTC Prime


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