Rumour: WP8 GDR3 may include a notification centre



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NokiaPowerUser claims to have been tipped that the the long-awaited and elusive Windows Phone Notification Centre may make an appearance in Windows Phone 8 GDR3, expected at the end of the year, rather than waiting for Windows Phone 8.1/9 in early 2014.

Their tipster claims Nokia India is testing the update, along with an unexplained feature called “Appetite”.

While many fans consider the Windows Phone 8 Start Screen to be a more than adequate notification centre, we also know from earlier leaks that Microsoft fully intended to include a notification centre in Windows Phone 8 but ran out of time, making a notification centre in fact a missing part of the Windows Phone 8 vision which is placing the OS at a disadvantage compared to other mobile operating systems.

Hopefully what is being tested at Nokia India is not Nokia’s own makeshift solution while Microsoft still works (slowly) on the official version.

Do our readers feel Windows Phone is missing a Notification Centre? Let us know below.


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