Rumour: The Windows Phone Developer Preview could soon come with Firmware also

Will the Windows Phone Developer Preview soon include firmware?

The Windows Phone Developer Preview program is great, and has relieved a lot of pressure on Microsoft from the slow role-out of software from carriers, with those who are impatient and most prone to loudly complain being easily placated by having access to the latest versions of the OS well before everyone else.

This has not helped however when new features are dependent on new firmware, such as the camera enhancements in Lumia Denim or Bluetooth LE with Lumia Cyan.

Now Paul Thurrott from the Windows Supersite has claimed on the Windows Weekly podcast that Microsoft will soon include firmware in the Developer Preview. This is of course great news, but unfortunately Paul suggests we may have to wait till BUILD 2015 in May next year before it arrives (presumably as part of the Windows 10 Developer Preview).

Still, if true, this is pretty great news, and a great way to get around super slow carriers like Verizon.

Are our readers looking forward to this feature?