There have been increasing complaints that there is now little to differentiate the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones, especially as S-series screen size and specs ramp up and after the Note series lost its headphone jack.

Now a new rumour by Evan Blass suggests that Samsung is listening, and may finally make the fusion a reality, under the Galaxy One brand.

This would likely lead to the death of the Note brand, with Samsung instead releasing a S-series handset with an S-pen, something which has already been rumoured.

This would lead to a gap in Samsung’s line-up in the second half of the year, but Samsung already has a device line to fill it.

Blass suggests the Samsung Galaxy Fold may replace the Note series as the high-spec flagship line, which does make sense as the Note range was always the experimental line pushing the envelope, and a basic slab handset can not really fill that role anymore. Hopefully, this would also mean pen support for the folding tablet.

What do our readers think of this rumour, which Blass warns is still tentative at present? Let us know below.