Rumour suggests custom ring tones, turn by turn navigation coming to Windows phone 7 soon



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bing_turn_by_turn_navigation_for_windows_mobile_gets_taken_for_a_test_driveOccasionally we come across a Windows phone 7 rumour too tasty to ignore, even if completely unsubstantiated.

Such is this WPCentral forum post by MarcMaiden, presumable an AT&T sales rep, who said he had a visit from a Microsoft employee “looking for feedback to send to the developers to know what exactly they should work on.”

The conversation apparently went as follows:

q: Why isn’t there an option to add custom ringtones?
a: Microsoft is working on an application that will be included in an update in january which will allow the consumer to edit, customize, and add ringtones of their choice. This app will also include a user "library" to search and download ringtones.
q: copy and paste. What are you guys doing about that?
a: they are working on a smart and simple way to add copy and paste functionality which should be included with the january update.
q: why cant you use zune pass on your phone?
a: I honestly do not know. that should have been a feature at launch (or so i was told) and am not sure the status on that.
q: what about turn by turn navi?
a: we are beta testing it right now. again, ETA january.

I’m not that excited about custom ring tones, but voice-guided turn by turn navigation is sorely missed, so I’m sure I will join many other people in hoping Marc is on the up and up.


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