Rumour: Some more Windows Phone 8 details

Given that some sites have been posting random Eldar utterances as confirmed fact, we thought we would join the game with a few more interesting sources.

The first is this post on XDA-Developers from a few weeks ago posting about Apollo by Mamaich, a well known and long-standing member.

He writes:

Some information on Win8 "Apollo" is available. Apollo – is a name for a new "windows phone" OS from MS.
– Apollo is based on the same "desktop" code as Windows 8. No Windows CE at last!
– Apollo would provide the same user experience as old Windows Phone 7.x – Metro UI, People hub, builtin office apps, etc. Seems that software compatibility with WinPhone 7.x apps would be preserved, but this is just my own guess.
– All applications on Apollo are required to be signed, similar to Windows Phone 7.
– Device drivers can be written only by IHVs, MS and OEMs, not by ISVs. This would be a problem for antivirus vendors or tools like daemon-tools.
– There would be a "built-in" eMMC card with OS and vendor partitions, and maximum one SD card. eMMC supports NTFS, SD-card supports only FAT/exFAT.
Build-in eMMC would have C:\ drive letter, SD-card would be D:\ if present.
eMMC contains several partitions. Some of them would be made readonly during boot.
– Near Field Communication is built in.
– The same list of sensors as in WP7 Mango is supported.
– There would be BSOD like in a desktop OS
– Unproven, but it seems that only .NET ("Splash UI framework" and "Silverlight") APIs would be available to independent developers. So no native code again.
– Seems that x86 architecture is supported for Apollo too.

So this represents the return of expandable storage, continuing compatibility with existing apps, NFC and much the same experience as Windows Phone 7.5

Next some tweets by a member of the team, where the most recent leak originated. XDe11x writes:

xDe11x Eugene
Friends, Windows Phone 8 x86 is a bomb in my opinion:)

mango chasis – cortex a8/512 ram/800-480/windows CE7/front face camera
Tango Chasis – cortex a8/512 ram/480×320 / windows CE7/LTE
Apollo chasis – DUAL CORE Qualcomm Krait/1280-720/Windows NT kernel (shared source with tablet)

@ khamitimur 4pda, as the past. Of course, nothing is confirmed, but rumors partly confirm each other:)

I find these tweets just as credible as anything by Eldar.  Do our readers agree? Let us know below.

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