Rumour: Nokia Sea Ray delayed–we say unlikely Update: Nokia increasingly confident in 2011 delivery


23, 2011

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Nokia SeaRay Phone Delay

The Street’s Scott Moritz is claiming to have been tipped that the Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone 7 handset is delayed from 2011 to 2012.

It has long been known the device will not see wide distribution in 2011, with Nokia always saying “volume” will be coming in 2012.  Nokia has however been talking with increasing certainty that the first Nokia WP7 handsets will come in 2011, and most people are expecting Nokia to announce the handset at Nokia world in October.

With the future of the company riding on releasing a Windows Phone 7 handset soon, the software at the very least proven and ready, we cant see any reason why the handset will be delayed.

Update:  In a statement to Reuters Nokia today said it was increasingly confident its first Windows Phone would reach consumers this year.

“As we stated previously, we have increased confidence we will ship our first Windows Phone product this year,” said Nokia spokesman Doug Dawson.

Clearly with its share price critically dependent on executing their Windows Phone strategy they were not going to let this rumour take root.



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