Rumour: Nokia Ace coming to both Verizon and AT&T in Q1 2012



We have just received a hot tip about the upcoming Nokia Ace, confirming the leaked specs and also adding LTE to the mix.

The phone will apparently Nokia’s first LTE device, and the first they will be marketing in USA – sorry Lumia 710.

According to our tipster the hardware is ready to go, and the device is just waiting for the Tango OS.  Nokia is pushing for a late-January release, while a mid-March release is more likely.

AT&T is guaranteed the device, but apparently Verizon is also pushing hard to be a launch partner.

The specs is as  leaked earlier – 4.3" screen, 8megapixel camera, 16gb storage, Windows Phone Tango OS , 1.4Ghz CPU, LTE support.

Is this the device our readers will be waiting for? Let us know below.

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