Rumour: Multiple Nokia Windows Phones coming to USA, but not Nokia Sea Ray


9, 2011

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Nokia Sea Ray not coming to USA?

The (unofficial) Nokia Blog is spreading a rumour that, despite some evidence to the contrary, the Nokia Sea Ray is not in fact coming to USA.

That does not however mean USA would be bereft of Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets, recently revealed as a major priority for the company.

According to The Nokia Blog’s sources T-Mobile and AT&T are both getting Windows Phone devices that are in the affordable range.  Meanwhile Verizon is getting a different Windows Phone of the more high-end variety, which should cheer users unhappy with the relatively pedestrian specs of the Nokia Sea Ray.

Of course if such a wave of handsets were to come to USA it will likely mean they will not be arriving this year.  Would our readers in USA prefer a Sea Ray now or to wait for a better Nokia handset later? Let us know below.

Thanks Sean for the tip.

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