Rumour: Microsoft’s new Cityman and Talkman flagships coming to both AT&T and T-Mobile

With Microsoft’s change in direction in July this year, they also signalled a change in their relationship with carriers, saying Microsoft would focus “on the channels and markets that offer the best returns.”

With rumours that Verizon will not be offering Microsoft’s new flagships in stores, and T-Mobile rapidly phasing out the Lumia 640 after only 2 months on their virtual selves it is easy to think that Microsoft has severed relationships with most US carriers, and that their new flagships will not be sold in stores there.

Today NokiaPowerUser has a counter- rumour, based on information from their sources, which suggest both the Lumia 940 and 940 XL (Talkman and Cityman) will be heading to AT&T. Their sources also claim one handset will be coming to T-Mobile USA, though which specific device remain unclear, with the cheaper 940 appearing more likely.

USA is of course a key market for Microsoft, due to it being the base of the most important software and services used worldwide. Hopefully the presence of the new flagships in store can help reverse some of the slide in market share Windows Phone has been experiencing in the region, and also stimulate stronger support by the key ISVs.