According to an article from Wccftech, a report from Taiwan has heavily hinted that Nintendo is looking to join the mobile gaming party.

The report touches more on how Nintendo generally feel about mobile gaming rather than giving a concrete yes or no answer.

The company is said to be reconsidering their previous decision of not creating a smartphone, and instead have plans to either ‘strengthen their presence’ in the smartphone market or actually enter it themselves.

If Nintendo are planning on entering the market, they’ll be up against companies such as Xiaomi and Razer, both of who already have quite a stake in the gaming phone market. However, the future of the Razer Phone 3 is still under speculation after staff layoffs at the company, while Xiaomi are enjoying a successful launch of the Black Shark 2 gaming phone.

It’s also speculated that Nintendo would aim to develop middle-tier options instead of aiming for flagship. There’s also a chance that the phone would have specialised options to connect with the Nintendo Switch, too.

A smartphone from Nintendo would be an unusual move, especially as Nintendo have historically tended to favour family-friendly console gaming over all else. They also already have many apps designed specifically for mobile devices, such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Pokémon GO.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see how this develops.

Source: Wccftech.