Rumour: Instagram to come to Windows Phone 8 handsets as a Nokia Lumia exclusive


5, 2013

Chinese site WPDang reports that photo manipulation network Instagram may be on the way to Windows Phone after all, as a Nokia exclusive.

They have been told by a tipster the app is in development and testing, and will be coming to the Windows Phone Store shortly.

Apparently only Windows phone 8 handsets need apply, and then only Nokia Lumia handsets.

To compensate for the lateness of the app one extra photo filter that is not available on iOS will be made available on Windows Phone.

We do not know the veracity of this claim, given that we have been keeping a close eye on Instagram’s job boards, and they only ever advertised for iOS and Android developers, but truth be told we have been waiting for this announcement for some time, although we would have preferred Microsoft, not Nokia, pay for the app.

In the end though Nokia does receive $1 billion a year from Microsoft, so I am sure it is a wash in the end.

Do our readers believe? Let us know below.


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